While components that make up receivers and transceivers get most of the attention from equipment and system designers, Antenna selection is extremely critical to overall system performance. Not only will the antenna propagate or receive the signal of interest, but special care is needed to avoid interfering with other transmissions.

Richardson RFPD provides a wide array of antenna types to support these applications:

  • Short Range Wireless (802.11ac/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS)
  • M2M
  • Asset Management
  • Land Mobile Radio

Richardson RFPD carries a multitude of different antenna technologies and mounting styles; including. Internally or externally mounted types, from surface mount to parabolic dish or Yagi. We also stock a variety of antenna technologies, including Fractal, Helix, Ceramic Patch, Loop, PIFA, and Metal Stamp.

We stock and support the antennas included below.