Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric power modules implement technology that is at the forefront semiconductor industry. The latest innovations use extremely efficient Si and SiC chip technology as well as revolutionary packaging techniques to provide extremely efficient and reliable solutions for a more affluent, comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly society.


The end results of these innovations are: highly efficient power production from both traditional and renewable energy sources, smart grids that distribute power more effectively, hybrid and electric vehicles that change the way that we commute, efficient industrial and automation applications that lower equipment costs while improving reliability, ground breaking efficiency gains in home appliances that reduce our cost of living and reduce the harmful impact on our environment, and state of the art medical equipment that leads to better imaging, quicker diagnosis, healthier living and  longer lifespans.


Whether in appliances, railcars, electric vehicles, industrial systems or medical equipment, Mitsubishi Electric power devices are changing the way energy is used for the betterment of society. CHANGES FOR THE BETTER!

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