PriaTherm is a European manufacturer of  air- and liquid-cooled thermal solutions used in a broad range of high power density electronics applications, including Energy, Transportation, Signal Processing and Broadcasting. The company offers a complete range of solutions dedicated to air-cooled applications for natural as well as forced convection. PriaTherm’s liquid cold plates for IGBT cooling offer engineers the highest performance while maintaining design freedom and flexibility.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

Mechanical machining:

  • Saw Cut
  • CNC Machining
  • Fins Preparation from Al 1050A coil
Brazing & Assemblies:
  • Controlled atmosphere brazing (Nocolok® process)
  • Vacuum brazing (via approved partners)
  • Soldering batch oven
Washing & degreasing

Surface treatments:

  • Anodizing (Black or colored)
  • Iridite Coating
  • Tin & Nickel plating
  • Painting, powder coating
Testing area – Lab:
  • Sealing test
  • Pressure drop measurement
  • Life test (Cycle & Stress)
  • Thermal measurements capability
PriaTherm provides Richardson RFPD with a source to assist its European customers with fabricated heat sinks for high power RF, as well as energy and power management, applications.
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