Peraso a pioneer in high performance 5G mmWave wireless technology, offering chipsets, modules and software. Peraso supports a variety of applications including fixed wireless access, immersive video and factory automation. With over 10 years of RF semiconductor, antenna, and systems, Peraso holds several key patents in mmWave technologies including contributions to IEEE 802.11ad/ay standards.  

Peraso currently is a leader in the 60GHz unlicensed spectrum with two families of modules:  Perspectus and Professional. Both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint configurates are supported with modules and software. Perspectus modules in Fixed Wireless applications have exceeded 25km link range. Module offerings will be extended to the 5G mmWave 24-43Ghz spectrum utilizing the PRS1520 RF Dual-Band beamformer.  

Key module components (RFIC, Baseband IC, Integrated Antenna) were designed by Peraso for easy system integration, production quality/reliability and to provide a range of performance options.  These fully tested production modules reduce design risk and time to market are fully supported by Richardson RFPD’s Application team.

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