TRU Corporation

TRU Corporation has created breakthrough RF and microwave interconnect products for over 60 years. Their particular expertise is in high power/high voltage cables with unique attachment and assembly methods. TRU’s durable, high performance cables and systems are ideal for the most demanding applications — military, aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, medical and other commercial industries.

TRU offers an extensive line of flexible cable assembly and connector solutions for applications that require RF high power/voltage capability. Their long heritage in high power (1kW – 50 kW) design has made TRU a premier supplier of both standard and custom solutions. TRU’s cables are specifically designed for their power capability and reliability. Their unique TRUtie™ cable termination method provides superior mechanical retention capabilities to eliminate the cable junction as a point of mechanical failure. TRU’s innovative Quick Connect/Disconnect interfaces: TRU-SQS®, TRU-QRM™ and TRU-QDS®, provide highly efficient and repeatable high power solutions without the need for added hand tools to securely mate.

In addition to the broad range of standard assembly configurations available, TRU can provide custom design solutions for your application.

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