Components for RF Test Equipment

Richardson RFPD offers a wide range of components suitable for RF test equipment, from low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, driver amplifiers, gain block amplifiers and variable gain amplifiers, to discrete FETs, switches, digital step attenuators, mixers, frequency multipliers and VCOs.

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RF test equipment is used to measure performance of electronic Devices Under Test (DUTs). The equipment can either generate signals for input to the DUT, or measure the DUT’s response to such signals. This allows the proper operation of the DUT to be confirmed—or if a fault exists, to be corrected. In production test environments, RF test equipment can be used in conjunction with a computer to run automated test routines and collate data; this test set-up is known as Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

Modern RF engineering requires a variety of types of test equipment:
  • Spectrum analyzer: measures magnitude of an input signal versus frequency
  • Vector signal analyzer (VSA): measures digitally modulated signals
  • Vector network analyzer (VNA): measures phase and amplitude (for example, to measure S-parameters)
  • Curve tracer: measures discrete semiconductor performance
  • Signal generator: creates analog or digital test signals for input to the DUT
  • Pulse generator: a type of signal generator, it creates rectangular pulses
  • Oscilloscope: measures voltage versus time
  • Frequency counter: measures frequency

RF test equipment is essential for proving performance of electronic components and systems, including cellular systems and infrastructure, defense and avionics, ISM-band applications, WiFi, and automotive.

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