Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is an advanced manufacturer of 50 and 75 ohm RF/Microwave connectors, cable assemblies and bulk wire and cable. The full spectrum of Carlisle interconnect solutions (Connectors and Assemblies) offers optimum performance and remarkable cost effectiveness. Flexible and semi-flexible cable assemblies, test cables (TS, AccuPhase, Workhorse, Workhorse Plus) and the entire compliment of connectors are available in literally thousands of standard configurations. Our Semi-Flex, Semi-Flex Plus, Semi-Flex II, Q-Flex and Q-Flex Plus assemblies are available "off the shelf" at Richardson RFPD as well as our full connector product offering of Precision Stainless SMA, MCX, Type N, TNC, Adapters (SMA, Phase Adjuster, TNC, Type N, 7mm), BMA, SMP, SSMP and smK.
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