Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless’ family of AirPrime™ embedded modules is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of wireless modules for industrial and automotive-grade applications. AirPrime modules make it simple for M2M solution providers to develop applications that are scalable and secure, while achieving faster time-to-market and lower development and deployment costs. Choose from 2G, 3G or 4G LTE, ultra-compact footprints or standard form factors, essential features or powerful processing.

Sierra Wireless also now offers GlobalTop embedded modules (the XM Series of standalone GNSS modules, and the XA Series of GNSS modules with antennas, as well as legacy GlobalTop GNSS modules) and Blue Creation industrial-grade short-range modules (the BC127 dual-mode Bluetooth Classic and Low-energy module, and the BC118 Bluetooth Low-energy Data-only module).


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